If you're asking yourself "How do I engage students with technology?", 
you're asking the wrong question.


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What is this?

This a self-paced, scaffolded technology integration course for educators. This course was the collaborative effort of school districts all over the nation- and the content for this course was created by classroom teachers, instructional technology coaches, Google Certified Teachers, and ISTE award winners. All of the suggestions we give are grounded in practice- they are techniques we actually use and we know work! We've flipped this course so that you can learn when you have time, and we've created templates, videos, and resources so that you can start using those tools right away.

Our Core Beliefs

#1- Teaching effectively is not "innovative" or "new"
We have been researching and refining how to personalize learning for decades. 

#2- Technology is not pedagogy
It is nothing more than a tool that should only be implemented when it increases efficiency and effectiveness.

This course was designed with one goal in mind: to support your work as a teacher. True technology integration isn’t about taking students into a computer lab for 45 minutes every Monday or throwing a webquest into the middle of a math unit. Businesses use technology every day to be more efficient or effective with what they are trying to accomplish, and we want to look at technology in education that same way.

Because of that, we aren't going to show you a million different applications or tools- instead, we are going to focus on what you are already doing in your classroom (collaboration, communication, resource acquisition, behavior management, content delivery, and assessment), and show you a few ways that you can make those tasks more efficient through increased access, organization, and/or automation. 

PART ONE: Learning that Technology is Not a Silver Bullet (8:45)
PART TWO: Learning How to Ask the Right Questions (6:27)
PART THREE: Learning How to Become a Productivity Machine (6:20)
PART FOUR: Learning that Change Occurs when People Work Together (8:37)

Join us- become an Ed Tech Challenge district!

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The main components of the Ed Tech Challenge are:
  • A technology integration survey that gives teachers an individualized report on their current comfort level with the ISTE Standards, personalized learning elements, and digital age work.
  • A self-paced course that includes six units of online tutorials (lessons focus on increasing efficiency / effectiveness of teaching practices)
  • A website template for classrooms (districts can link their individual template to the course)
  • A template to create personalized learning plans for educators (again, districts can link their templates to the course)
  • A framework to help a district move towards a shared vision of education technology